Truck in driveway

This web site is dedicated to the restoration of my 1951 Ford F2 truck. I purchased this classic Ford pickup in May of 1999, and have been busy working on it with my father ever since.

The guy that I bought the truck from actually had more like 2 1/2 trucks, and he just wanted to get rid of all of them. So I ended up buying a full 1951 F2 and 1952 F3, and half of a 51 or 52 F5. Luckily for me, it turned out that the majority of the parts are the same for these trucks, which meant that I was able to pick and choose the best parts to use. We ended up using the cab and doors from the F2, and the hood from the F3.

When we first got the truck home, it was in pretty bad shape. Looking back on it, we had very little idea of what we were getting ourselves into. The restoration of this truck has been a long project (and one that’s still not done!), but it is something we have truly enjoyed. We have done a complete frame-off restoration of this truck, and used only original or NOS (new old-stock) parts. When we began this project, it was difficult to find much useful information about restoring an old truck like this. Now there are lots of great resources out there ( immediately comes to mind). One of the purposes for creating this web site is to bring all this information together, and hopefully we can help make someone else’s project easier.

If you have any comments about this web site, or have any questions about restoring your own classic truck, please contact us.