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Below are some of the web site that have been the most useful to us for finding parts, getting information, and everything else that is involved in this enormous project. When we first started rebuilding this truck, we had absolutely nothing to work from and had to find everything from scratch. So we hope that this will help make someone else’s search a little easier. If you know of any other good sites, please contact us, and we will add the site to this list.

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  1. umut ozzy ozkan said:

    I’m very happy to find your site, you guys are great help to people like myself who has no idea what he is doing. I bought a 1952 ford f2 v8 yesterday 8/21/09, needs lots lots of love and time.
    I have’nt tow it to my garage yet so i don’t exactly know what is going on but i’m sure that i’ll need your experience to help me find my way out in this project.
    I also very agree with you that people turn this beautiful classic cars and trucks their customized toys but i also think it’s nice to add couple things such as power steering or power brakes what do u think?
    How long did you guys take to finish it? so far all i know is; i need driver side window, rear window, no keys for doors or ignition, some rust not too bad, full window moldings,interior is a chicken cage, engine has’nt started for 8 years, no bedliner, right front headlight, sideview mirors, etc….
    I hope you don’t mind if i keep in touch with you and ask for your advice during my restoration process, i also want to photoshoot in every step of it before and after so if you like i can share all of it with you if you like to add another project ford f2 truck on your site.
    Thank you.

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