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As our restoration project has progressed, we have tried to take as many photos as possible. These photos have been collected here to show the history and progress of our work.


  1. jim said:

    i found a 51 ford f2 – w/ mercury flat head motor — 500 bucks – can’t go wrong here could i

  2. Brandon said:

    @Jim, sounds like a pretty good deal to me!

  3. Jon said:

    Like the website. Recently got a 51 ford truck that says f3 in the hood. Don’t know alot about these trucks. It has an enormous flat bed on it that is not original. Can you find beds for these trucks? The truck runs and drives, and has no cosmetic damage such as dents, holes, or pits from rust. Has some surface rust in spots but not bad. I would like to do what you did and take it off frame.

  4. Brandon said:

    Jon, unfortunately it’s pretty difficult to find bed parts for these larger trucks. There are a few places that sell reproductions, but they only do flat bed sides, so they won’t match up with the fenders correctly. My bed was in pretty terrible shape, and I’m still in the painstaking process of restoring it. I cut out the sections that were completely rusted out, and had a sheet metal shop create replacement panels that I then welded in. I’ve got some photos of the process that I will post soon.

  5. Jon said:

    I don’t really know much about these trucks. Is there a difference in the cabs and or are they the same from F1,F2,F3. I know the suspension is diffrent being half ton to ton truck. I was just wondering if a F1 bed would fit if the frame was shortend, length wise. I have people here to do that. I really apperciate any info. Thanks for your time. Jon

  6. Brandon said:

    Yes, the cabs are the same between the different models. You could theoretically shorten the frame to fit the F1 bed, but you would also have to chop down the drive train, because the position of the rear wheels would be different.

  7. Walter Martin said:

    Hi_ My 1951 Ford truck F2 is now completed. The only thing I am having trouble finding is a spare wheel. 17 inch with a 5 inch center hole.

  8. jon simmons said:

    I bought my 1952 f2 five years ago, it was in pretty bad shape but I am very commited to having it complete soon enouph, I do not have a lot of money for the project so it is one thing at a time. I have my baby running real well, most of the body work is done but I have a long way to go. I will continue to check your site and talk more.

  9. Mike said:

    Hi, I have an F1 and am having troubles finding fenders in good shape. I was told that the F2 or F3 fenders would still fit an F1. Can you tell me if this is true?

  10. Brandon said:

    @Mike – sort of. Technically, they will fit, but the fenders for the F2/F3 are wider than the F1 fenders, so they will stick out from your truck farther, and might look a little funny.

  11. Don said:

    I have a 51 ford f-2 that the rear end has been changed. No one can idenify what it came out of. i need a clue of a newer replacement rear end while maintaining the 8 lug pattern. Any ideas? My truck is nearing completion but we cant find brake shoes or wheel cylinders

  12. Tom said:

    I have a 1952 Ford F2, after years of work on it, now is the time to get it on the road. Having problems getting a Title from DMV. It was once used a a farm truck in Wisconsin, where I brought it from back in 04. I have not got much info on past owners and no way to get a title. If you have any answers on this would love you help.

  13. jhon said:

    quisiera saber que tamaño son loas ruedas originalmente 16 0 17 pulgadas ? gracias

  14. Joe Kidwell said:

    I have an extra cab (very rough) but need running boards, rear fenders, and an eight foot bed…

  15. David Hickman said:

    I wanted to know if a 1952 ford f3 front clip would bolt up to a 1952 f2 body and frame?

  16. Rob delaney said:

    I’ve got a set of fenders they are 51 ford that’s all I know For sale 600 a good price641 295 5742

  17. Ron Palmieri said:

    I have a 1952 f2 ford pickup that I am doing a ground up restoration on. I am trying to research whether the spare tire can be side mounted but can find no literature. Any thoughts?

  18. Mel Burton said:

    Hi Brandon, I am just finishing my 51 Ford pickup. You can see it by just typing Mel’s 51 Ford pickup in search. It’s on the American Torque website. It’s a site where guys share ideas and photos.

    You are doing a great job. I particularly like the job you did on the guages. You are actually doing a great job on everything and have good taste on your choices of colors and changes. My friend has a 52 F2 and is concerned about the larger wheel openings on the F2-F3 but I told him with a good size of rim it will look great.
    I made one big mistake, I did the paint and body first and all work done after resulted in tiny marks and scratches on the paint. Of course only I notice it. Keep up the good work and I’ll be watching for the finished project. Let me know if you get a look at my truck. Mel

  19. McRoy said:

    This was an amazing site!! Thank u everyone for tips and everything else, I’m only 18 and doing my first resto on a 1951 f2 and imma need all the tips I can get! Haha, thanks again

  20. Carrick Thiessen said:

    I just picked up a 52 F2 short wheel base. I have been looking for a box and fenders. I was wondering if a box from a 53-56 F100 would fit ? and would the front fenders match from a 51-52 to a 53-56 fenders ?

  21. Marsha Johnson said:

    Hi guys, I have a 1951 Ford F1 PU I would like to sell or trade for a running vehicle. This truck is all there just needs to be assembled. I got it in the divorce. And gotta get rid of it. Anyone interested?

  22. Bud said:

    I have 52 f1 im building that my great grandpaw bought new im looking for two front fenders plz let me know if any one has any 336-944-5291

  23. Bud said:

    Where is your truck located and how much 336-944-5291 plz send pix

  24. Randy said:

    How much on truck and where are u at?

  25. Frank U said:

    I can help get a title on these old trucks, contact text 559-786-3396

  26. juuann said:

    enybody can tell mi if eny of the newrs models car or truck front axle will fit a 1951 f3

  27. Tim said:

    Greetings Guys , !

    I just ( earlier this year )
    purchased a nice 1951 F-1 Panel – Delivry truck …….
    Very little rust , but made up for it with all those dents & dings from many years of use .
    I’m in need of BOTH wind – wing frames .
    I’ve got the glass & weatherstriping ……
    I thought that the frames I had were servicable …….. NOT ;-(
    in 7 months It’s gone from the way it was ” ok ” to being nearly road ready !
    interior is gutted except for the dash , wiring is about 1/2 – done .
    Call me if anyone has those wind wings , please ?
    I know that many folks don’t want them because they’re going to the one piece window , ugh !
    It just isn’t the style I’m wanting , just like having power windows & door locks .
    Thanks again guys !

    Tim @
    208 961-0103 Mtn time

  28. Tim said:

    RE: rear axle . . . . .

    I’m using a 1960 Ford 9 inch rear axle .
    Easy enuf to get brake shoes & drums for them ……..
    Especially for the 5 on 5 1/2 bolt pattern . 😉
    For the driveline work : I go exclusively to ” Six states Distributors “

  29. Tim said:

    To Carrick ,
    RE: fenders from the ’53 – ’56 Truck fitting . . . . on to the ’48 —-> ’52 Ford …..

    I’ve never seen it done , & my first ( immediate ) feeling is DON’T DO IT !!!!! …..

    Although ; that’s my first gutt – reaction …..

    I’m not sure how it would l@@k

  30. Tim Parham Sr said:

    Pics can be seen on my facebook — Of my Panel truck .

  31. laurie bourque said:

    hi I have a 1951 f2 near completion and looking to find 17 inch rims and 1 brake drum for rear only because I now have split rims 8 lugs any help out there email me with a#

  32. Keith said:

    I have a 1951 F2, that is pretty much all in tact, 61,000 original miles, clean title, almost no rust. Original flathead 8, standard Trans. Every part on it looks original, except for bumpers, where it looks like he reinforced them.

    I am looking for options for wheels, and don’t even know the bolt pattern, they are 8 lug wheels, and I may need a good place that rebuilds flathead 8 engines. I am getting a lot of friends saying to convert it to 12 volt, drop a newer drive train in it, etc.

    I just want it to be a safe driver for weekends.

    I plan on redoing all brake lines, draining and replacing Trans and differential oil, and am praying that the engine is not locked up, as it was driven into a barn 39 years ago, and never started again. The oil was not drained, and is thick as molasses, and I have added Marvel mystery oil, and it has really thinned the oil out. I am going to drain it and put more Marvel in and let it sit for a another week, then I’ll try to turn the crank.

    Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

  33. Keith said:

    I’d like to post pictures, can you do that on this site?

  34. David Howell said:

    Traded a “custom” golf cart for a 51 F2 earlier this year. After some research, found out that it has an F1 bed and front fenders. Front fenders have been cut( poorly ). So Im thinking about going back with original F2 fenders, but having some difficulty finding any. Any ideas from Brandon or others on here?

  35. Ed Rodriguez said:

    this book,Ford flathead V8 builders hand book 1932-1953 by Frank Odde, which you can buy on Amazon, was highly recomended for the flathead I am just starting to read it but there is so much you can do to these motors now it amazing. If your in Southern California I can recomend a couple rebuilders.
    here in california we can get a title by applying for a lein, need to show a returned letter from last registered owner, showing you tried contacting them or if its not in the system, dropped out for many reasons like lack of registration etc.. ussually about 7 years then its a matter of taking it to them and visual verification of VIN on frame etc..
    If you would like to email me it

  36. Dennis said:

    I’m puttng a 1952 F-2 back together and looking to find an 8′ bed and fenders, I think F-2 and F-3 are the same. Not sure if the 1951 F-2 and F-3’s are the same. Thanks for your help. Dennis

  37. Dennis said:

    I’m puttng a 1952 F-2 back together and looking to find an 8′ bed and fenders, I think F-2 and F-3 are the same. Not sure if the 1951 F-2 and F-3’s are the same. Thanks for your help. Dennis

    You can contact me at

  38. dennis said:

    ive bought a 51 f2 and it has a 3.9 8 rt motor in it that is green color ..was told its all original a green 239 8rt the correct color in 51

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