Cab & Doors – Body Work

The cab and both doors required a fair amount of body work to get them looking good again. The cab had a large section in the lower back corner that was completely rusted out. We bought a patch panel and took it to a welding shop to let them do the dirty work. The cab also had two holes drilled in the roof – it looked like there were lights mounted up there at one point. The doors also had some striping tacked to them, leaving half a dozen little holes down the side of each one. We really had our work cut out for us here!


  1. Bryon Meyer said:

    Have a 51 f3 runs well with 226 flat head 6 and am thinking of putting a small cummins diesel in it and need help finding out if it is possible and need help locating motor mount kits or someone to put it in Thanks

  2. Brandon said:

    Bryon, I really don’t have any experience in this area, as I’ve kept my truck completely original. Probably the best place to ask would be the forums over at Ford Truck Enthusiasts.

  3. Ian Armstrong said:

    where are the rear turn signals mounted, im looking at buying a old tree hauling truck that never had a be so i might have to fabricate something

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