Front End Body Work

Most of the front-end pieces were in pretty good shape, so they really didn’t need a lot of body work. The exception was the front fenders. They were beyond repair, and we found it next to impossible to find either original or reproductions metal fenders for an F2, so we were forced to purchase reproduction fiberglass fenders. To the casual observer, they may seem identical, but we noticed several subtle differences almost immediately…


  1. Ed said:

    I have an 51 f2 that has the turn signals on the top of the fenders like yours. I have seen pics with and without these. Are they original or aftermarket?

  2. Brandon said:

    Ed, I’m not 100% sure, but fairly certain they are aftermarket.

  3. Tom B said:

    I’ve enjoyed watching this truck come together. I have a ’51 F2 basket case in many pieces right now. The front clip is pretty rusty. Do you know if the inner fenders are the same for F2 as they are for an F-1?

    Next, did you have to modify the fiberglass front fenders to make them fit?
    Thanks for any reply.

  4. David Howell said:

    Building and an F2 also. The tips here are awesome. Where did you find those fenders, all I can find are for F1s? HELP would be greatly appreciated

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