Front End Restored

Now that we’ve got pretty much the entire front-end of the truck put back together, it really feels like the project as a whole is coming along – maybe it will actually be done one of these days (I can only hope!).


  1. kyle said:

    how are the fiberglass fenders holding up? I am building a f1 of the same year and am curious if they are holding up alright considering all the other parts surrounding it are metal.

  2. Brandon said:

    Kyle, I’ve been very happy with the fiberglass fenders so far. I’d definitely recommend going that route, as you won’t have to worry about them rusting up.

  3. roland cobine said:

    brandon, im in the process of restoring a 52 f3. it has a sound inline 6 and 4 speed. the body is in superb shape and i think the only thing i will do is change the rear axle and convert it to 12 volt ignition. i have been told that an axle from a 72 or older f250 will bolt right up. these are pretty hard to find and i might have to go newer ( and wider). any thoughts ro

  4. Larsen Jay said:

    I am restoring my grandfather’s 1951 F2 and I’ve been trying to find the hood side trim parts…long trim pieces w/arrows and F2 emblem inside….I can’t find one to buy online and not sure what the original even looks like – can you send me a pic of what you did? any idea where to purchase? thanks – Larsen.

  5. Don Fogg said:

    Hey Brandon…i was wondering what company you got your front fiberglass fenders form?Thanks

  6. Raymond A Baker said:


    I recently purchased a 1951 Ford F2. The bed has new wood and new stainless steel strips and bolts. However as I was looking under the bed I was surprised to see wooden cross member running across the frame. This is where the previous owner attached the bed wood to.
    Can you tell me if these wooden cross members are stock on the F-2?



    PS. Would really like to have your tele# if possible

  7. Ian Armstrong said:

    is there anywhere that sells repro steel beds?

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