Restoring the Seat

The original seat was in pretty bad shape, so we knew we were going to have to completely pull it apart and replace all the padding (not that I have anything against the original horse-hair padding, although it is a little smelly). We replaced it with a thick styrofoam pad, which we then wrapped in a thin cotton sheet to give it a better form. We bought a cloth seat cover from Sacramento Vintage Ford. It turned out that the styrofoam pad we used may have been a little too thick, but it sure makes for a cushy ride!


  1. Roger Phillips said:

    Nice work – I was worried about my seat, but you have restored my confidence, that I can make my original just as nice. How did you like the seat cover? Fit well, well made?


  2. Brandon said:

    @Roger, I was very happy with the seat cover. It fit great and was very easy to put on. I was a bit worried about it myself, but it turned out to be one of the “easiest” projects on this truck. Good luck!

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