The “Rogue 6” Engine

While the popular engine at the time was the flathead V8, my truck had the smaller, 6-cylinder, 226 cubic inch flathead – the “Rogue 6”.

After we pulled the engine out of the truck and got a good look at it, it looked like the previous owner had pretty much driven this truck to its death. The engine was completely seized-up and looking pretty rough. Luckily for us, the block wasn’t cracked, and was in repairable condition. Just about everything else had to be replaced. We started by bringing the engine into a local machine shop and having them clean it up and bore the cylinders out. Then we ordered a complete rebuild kit from Kanter Auto Products. For around $1300, this kit came with everything we needed to bring the engine back to like-new condition. After that, our job was relatively simple. Probably the most difficult part was dropping the engine back onto the frame, and fitting it together with the transmission and drive-shaft.

Before/After photos of the engine rebuild:


  1. jon simmons said:

    I have decided to use my tax return money for a rear main seal for my 215ci 6 cylinder, could any body out there help me find one. May as well do the clutch as well. Thank you.

  2. Juan J.Zuniga said:

    Hi Brandon Im the owner of a pick up truck f-2 6 cilinder 226 cubic inch flat head the rogue 6 engine.I got my truck at Iowa when I was living in Elgin Illinois now I returned to my country Mexico and brought the truck with me but I have trobles triyng toget the oil pump could tell me where to get the oil pump in the U.S please? Thank you
    sincerelly Juan J.Zuniga

  3. Bill Shelley said:

    I ordered my fuel pump thru a small Parts store in Leonard, Texas

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